Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7 yrs at the Stutz!

Just a reminder I will be celebrating 7 yrs at the Stutz Business Center!  This Friday (First Friday!) I will be open from noon until 8pm.  Stop in to check out what I have been painting this summer and have a piece of cake or a glass of wine.  Most of the parking is free on Seante Ave.

I will also have a box for donations to Casa de Toro Pit Bull Rescue.  As most of you know I always attend and donate to "Pints for Pits" but Saturday they are "Riding to Rescue Pits" and they will end thier motorcycle ride at the Stutz!  It is a great cause to help these animals have a better life.  It you want more information check them out here:

See you all FRIDAY!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dave's Chair and Don't forget about Next FRIDAY!

I love doing commissions for people.  It is so personal and seeiing their reactions to having something special on canvas is priceless.  Thanks Julie and Dave for letting me paint your special place.
Just a reminder I will be in the studio for FIRST FRIDAY next week Aug1st.  We are celebrating 7 successful years at the Stutz!  I will be there from noon to 8pm.  Stop in and share in the celebration! Please RSVP via email or phone so I know who to expect.  Parking is free after 6pm.  See you next Friday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wawasse ! AND An Open House!

What a fabulous weekend for a plein air paint out!  While it did rain on Saturday it did not stop me from painting! Thanks to my lovely hosts Dave, Julie, Drew, Eve, John, Nick and Noelle.  I have some new collectors too!  Thanks Kim, Jennifer, Trina and Barb for your purchases.  I can't wait to see pics of the paintings in your home.  Looking forward to the next one in 2015.

Now for the Open House Aug 1st.  Back in 2007 I was struggling with my art. I had just returned from Italy and struggling to paint.  I had forgotten about my inquiries at the Stutz for a studio when Anne called.  "I have a couple of studios available if you are still interested" WOW! SO I checked them out and chose D285 (yes I know I could have picked the one on the third floor).  My move in date was Aug 1st 2007.  This was also the same time I discovered finger painting.  BIG changes in my life, career and painting.  I looked around and thought how will I ever fill these walls?  Will people find me?  IS this the right move?  Well, God and all of you helped to answer that question! YES! 
So as I begin another year at the Stutz in D285 my walls and hall are FULL of work ready for your home or office.  Come join me First Friday Aug 1st 12pm-8pm for a celebration of success you have provided. THANKS and See you there!